Bottle Drive

The Bottle Drive is an amazing event that runs year round and is one of the main fundraisers for Shinerama at Queen’s!   From students of Queen’s to other members of the Kingston community, the Bottle Drive is a simple and amazing way for people to get involved in Shinerama and help raise money for Cystic Fibrosis Canada!

The actual collection of the bottles occurs in two main phases.  The first phase is the weekend of Gael Hiring (March), where prospective Gaels are encouraged to collect bottles from people that they know and bring them in to their interviews.  The second phase is where the fun starts!  During Shine Day (Saturday September 6th), Gaels take their Frosh groups out into the community around Queen’s where they collect bottles from local residents.

If you’d like to get involved with the bottle drive, just follow the steps below!

  1. Save up your bottles!
  2. Sort your bottles!  (Instructions for sorting can be found below)
  3. Donate your bottles!  Residents within the collection area can just leave them outside their houses to be picked up on Shine Day!  If you live outside this area, don’t worry!  We’ll be perfectly happy to accept any bottles you want to donate at Victoria Park!


Bottle Sorting Instructions

  • Must have contained alcohol at some point.  Unfortunately, we don’t get any money back for pop cans, bottles of olive oil, etc. and can only recycle these.
  • Anything that has come from the beer or liquor store is perfect for donation.
  • Do not remove labels from your empty wine/beer/spirit containers.
  • Please take the caps off all bottles.
  • Sorting will be done as follows:
  1. All cans are sorted together.
  2. Anything from the liquor store is sorted together (i.e. Coolers, wine bottles, liquor bottles).
  3. Beer bottles are divided into three categories:
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Clear

Restaurants in Kingston that want to support Shinerama are also encouraged to donate their empty bottles on the days of bottle collection! You can also contact the emails below if you would like us to come and pick them up from your establishment in September!

Out event would not be nearly as successful if the community was not as helpful as they are each year. Thank you so much for your participation!

If you’d like more information on the Queen’s Bottle Drive, just email us at and

Bottle Drive - Frosh Group